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Bill Poole, Gunsmith

About Bill Poole

Bill Poole acquired his love of firearms at the early age of 15, when his father gave him a German Mauser rifle that he found on the side of the road while vacationing in Florida. That inspired him to build his first custom sporter. It was through this experience he developed a love for repairing firearms. Through years of enjoying the various shooting sports, he realized there was a need for quality enhanced firearms to improve shooting skill. In the 1980’s he moved his family to California and secured his first FFL. Working with the local police department he was recognized as a valuable asset and was asked to attend the Orange County Police Academy. Graduating in the top 10, he became a sworn peace officer in the reserves. He was responsible for the overview of weapons and repair in addition to his regular police duties. As a recognized armorer he was sent to Smith & Wesson armorers school to further enhance his talent. During this time period he provided custom built 1911’s and S&W revolvers to various officers. Camp Pendleton Marine Base was next door, providing the opportunity to supply custom built handguns and rifles to the Recon sniper team.

During this same time period he decided to expand his family business of supplying construction materials for heavy construction. Eventually moving to Riverside County. It was necessary to retire from law enforcement so he could build a manufacturing plant. This gave him the opportunity to improve his metal working ability through the constant use of milling machines, lathes, grinders, heat treating, sheers and presses.

In 2012 his son took over the business so that Bill could retire in Prescott, Arizona. Soon after moving he found himself surrounded by gun enthusiasts. Bill decided to work for the local Sheriff and was trained in life saving efforts of search & rescue. Four years later he decided to move to Wickenburg, Arizona — a small western roping town where he decided to set up shop and renew his FFL. After repairing numerous firearms, his clients requested custom built AR15 platform guns. Due to new regulations this requires a 07 manufacturer's license. ATF recently approved the license, “Poole’s” High Performance AR15 is now in production.

Bill is a member of the NRA, the Wickenburg Sportsman's Club, and the Wickenburg Chamber of Commerce.

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